PRAISE FOR JUBILTREE – The Jubiltree Company, LLC


Here are some of the kind words our customers have had to say about their purchase. 

"We love our Jubiltree! It arrived on Tuesday, as scheduled, and we set it up that evening. It's perfect! Thank you for bringing us a new holiday tradition. I can't wait to do the tree differently each year."
- Jonathan, Seattle
"We love our tree and got so many nice comments during our Hanukkah celebration!"
- Kate, Anchorage
"The tree arrived this morning! :-)  It's wonderful.  Thank you."
- Joanne, Australia
"We received our Jubiltree and absolutely love it! We highly recommend it and can't wait to show our family and friends."
- Julia, Toronto
"I just wanted to say how much we love our new tree. We received it on Thursday and decorated it immediately. It is beaufully made. I'm so happy I found your company. My husband and I are both designers, and we appreciate the craftsmanship, and the ingenuity of it. It is so perfect for us and for our home. It just makes me smile everytime I see it."
- Veronica, Chicago
"We are thrilled with our Jubiltree. Such a classy, minimal tree that can be dressed in so many different ways. I'm so pleased that I came across your Jubiltree!"
- Rebecca, Australia