OUR STORY – The Jubiltree Company, LLC


Hello there--you must be wondering how all this got started. My name is Sarah Monkton, and I'm the founder of this little business. I'm a Mainer who has been living in Alaska for quite a while now, and my husband is a fourth-generation Alaskan.

For years we went without a Christmas tree during the holidays. We both loved the cozy glow of a lit-up evergreen, but they don't come easy up here. Being so far north, live evergreens tend to be a little scraggly. And something just didn't feel right about buying a farmed tree that had been grown far away in the Lower 48, and then sending it to a woodchipper just a couple of weeks later. It seemed like a lot of resources were going to waste. And the needles really drove my husband crazy. 

An artificial tree didn’t seem right, either. A lot of chemicals are used to make artificial trees, and they take a really, really long time to biodegrade. Plus, we weren't sure a plastic tree would look right in our home. 

So, year after year, we decorated a little houseplant with a few ornaments and tried to ignore the sense that we were missing out on something special. That worked fairly well until our first son was born. My mom intervened from back in New England, insisting that he needed a proper Christmas tree. She was pretty persuasive. The week before Christmas I asked my husband to put his DIY genius to work and come up with an alternative, or suffer the prickly needle carpet left on our floor by a live tree. 

He came home just in time on Christmas Eve, with a bundle of wood and string that soon took the form of the first Jubiltree Wooden Tree. My hero! I was skeptical at first--the first generation was our own version of a Charlie Brown tree--but as we wrapped the tree with ribbon and lights a bright and beautiful tree took shape. When we were done we put presents under the tree and lit a balsalm-scented candle. All at once, I felt like Christmas had finally come to our home.  

Our friends and family loved the invention.  They imagined how they would decorate their own tree, and asked my husband to make one for them next Christmas.  We realized we were on to something, but my husband's DIY project needed a few...improvements. We took a chance, perfected a prototype with the help of a local woodworker, and applied for a patent. I was really proud of the quality of the second generation tree and felt sure it was something that many would love to see in their home. It was an easy decision to make our trees in Maine, the state I grew up in and a place I have always admired for its long tradition of wood craftsmanship, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial spirit. 

So that's our story.

Whether you're in Maine, Alaska, or somewhere in between, I'm glad you're visiting our little online shop. Thanks for your interest in The Jubiltree Company. My family and I wish you well this year and every year.    

Alternative Christmas Trees by The Jubiltree Co.