The Nitty Gritty on Decorating – The Jubiltree Company, LLC


Here are details on how to decorate according to our simple formula:

1. Lights

We like "Starry String Lights" from Restoration Hardware, but also have
used regular ol' lights with plastic-coated wire. The silver wire in
Starry String Lights is beautiful and goes well with just about any decor
(Urban Outfitters also has a similar product). Plastic-coated wire is better support
for heavier ornaments. If you use plastic-coated wire, choose a wire color
that will blend in with your garland. Tie one end of your light string around the top of a
tree "branch" (the long skinny dowels that make up the body of the tree),
and wrap the lights around the tree. Fifty to sixty feet of lights is usually enough.
Tie the lights off near the bottom of the tree, leaving about 18 inches
for presents underneath. 

2. Garland

Once your lights are on, tie your chosen garland around another tree branch
at the top of a tree (for garland you can use tinsel, ribbon, or something else)
How much garland you need depends on how much coverage you are looking for,
and what kind of garland you choose. Our Vintage Ornament tree (see below, top left)
required about 220 feet of vintage tinsel garland (the tree was wrapped
three times to make the garland appear fuller--you could use one-third to
half as much garland if that is not the look you are going for). Our evergreen tree
(see below, bottom left) required about 30 feet of natural garland. Wind your garland
around the tree, covering the light string as you go. Now tie the garland off
at the bottom, leaving the bottom 18 inches for presents.

3. Ornaments

Hang your favorite ornaments from the garland and light strings. If you like,
add a tree topper with a cone-shaped attachment. Stick your presents under
the tree. Voila! You're done.