An Alternative Christmas Tree.

+ Natural + Reusable.

+ Crafted in Maine.

+ Easy to Assemble.

+ Fun to Decorate.

+ Easy to Store.

+ A Tree for Any Celebration.



An Alternative Christmas Tree.

The Jubiltree Wooden Tree is a tree-sized frame that can be decorated any way you like for the holiday season, whether you're looking for a modern Christmas tree or something more traditional. Use it as an alternative to a live or artificial tree, or as a second Christmas tree adding festivity to your space. 

Natural + Reusable.

The Jubiltree Wooden Tree is made from solid hardwood and its high quality construction enables it to be used again and again. Natural and reusable--your Jubiltree Wooden Tree combines the best of live and artificial trees.

Crafted in Maine.

Each Jubiltree Wooden Tree is made in Maine by skilled artisans and woodworkers, with classic American hardwoods. Although machines are involved in the manufacturing of our trees, each tree is guided to creation by hand, and each tree is assembled and finished by hand, too. You're making an investment, and we intend for it to last for generations. We're very proud of the quality of our product, and to be a part of Maine's long tradition of wood products manufacturing.

Easy to Assemble.

A Jubiltree Wooden Tree can be assembled at home in under ten minutes, without any tools. It's easy enough for many people to do by themselves. 

Fun to Decorate.

This tree invites creativity. Wrap it with festive fabric, ribbon, or garland, then add holiday lights and hang your favorite ornaments. Feeling minimalist? Leave it bare and show off your favorite ornaments by hanging them inside the tree. This alternative Christmas tree can be either modern or traditional, depending on your preference. Click here for some great ideas for unique Christmas decorations.

Easy to Store.

The Jubiltree Wooden Tree is shipped in its own storage box, and can be kept wherever you have free space about the size of an elf (or, to be more precise, 51.25" L x 9.25" W x 6.75" H).

A Tree for Any Celebration.

You can use the Jubiltree Wooden Tree to celebrate other special occasions, too. It can serve as a centerpiece in a wedding, providing a spot for loved ones to leave gifts and well wishes, or to pause to enjoy photos of the couple and their family hung from the tree. Or decorate the tree with a handmade heart garland on Valentine's Day and tuck treats for your loved ones underneath.