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What is included with a Jubiltree Wooden Tree?

When you purchase one of our trees, you'll receive a 7-foot tree ready for assembly and a box inside the shipping package that is suitable for storage. At this time, specialized hardware to assist with attaching decorations and ornaments is not included with the tree.

How big is the tree?

When assembled, the tree is 7-feet tall and almost 4-feet wide at the base. The precise dimensions are 84" H x 46.5" W (at the base). It weighs 26 pounds.

What are the tree's storage dimensions?

When in its storage box, the tree is just over 4-feet long. The precise storage dimensions are 51.25" L x 9.25" W x 6.75" H.

Do you plan to offer a smaller tree in the future? 

We realize many of our customers would like a smaller tree and we hope to offer one in an upcoming season. If you'd like to weigh in on the ideal dimensions for a smaller tree, feel free to contact us!

What do I need to decorate my tree? 

Use your imagination! Many different materials can be wrapped around the tree to create the effect you want, whether you are looking to create a modern Christmas tree or something more traditional.  Typical materials include 2.5" ribbon, tinsel, or natural garland.  How much depends on the width of the material and the amount of coverage you want. If you want the tree to be exposed, 50-75 feet of almost any garland will do. Once your tree is wrapped, you can add lights and ornaments if you like, or try something completely unique. For more information on decorating a Jubiltree Wooden Tree, click here. Also, our Pinterest boards have lots of ideas for garland and ornaments.

Is the tree stable?

As with any piece of furniture, the tree will fall over if enough force is applied to it. But it is not likely to fall over simply because a cat, dog, or adorable toddler bumps into it. This is because the tree "branches" are held in place by a broad, stable base as well as a stabilizing support in the center of the tree. However, the branches are held in the base only by friction and gravity, so one or more of them may pop out if they are jostled. If this happens, just pop the branch back in the base, readjust your decorations if necessary, and carry on. 

Is there a fire hazard if I use lights with my tree? 

Since the tree is a wooden structure, the fire hazard is approximately the same as with a live evergreen. Please use only properly inspected lights and exercise great caution when decorating your tree. 

Is it difficult to assemble? 

Definitely not. Although it’s easiest when two people are on hand, the average person can assemble this alternative Christmas tree by themselves in under ten minutes. Lost your assembly instructions? Contact us and we'll email you a copy.

Why won't the large knob on my tree's base screw in all the way?

The base components are probably not lined up the same way as when the screw hole was originally drilled. Just turn the base's middle component 180 degrees. This should solve the problem. 

How do you account for the cost of the tree?

Our trees are priced competitively with other wooden alternative Christmas trees, as well as premium artificial trees. We offer a high quality furnishing that is intended to last a long time. The price of the tree reflects the quality of the tree's craftsmanship, and where it is made. The Jubiltree Wooden Tree is an American product. From the wood used to make the tree to the hands that created it, our trees were sourced and crafted in the United States. Our philosophy on consuming products is to buy less, but when you do buy, make it a purchase of a quality item that will last a long time and that you can feel good about. 

What are your hours of operation?

We're open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Standard Time. During the holiday season, we're also open on the weekends. If you need to get in touch with us, give us a call at 907.274.0627 or toll free at 855.574.0627. You can also send us an email at, or use the contact form. Either way, we'll get back to you as soon as possible, and almost always within a day.

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